As businesses reopened this summer in the State of Ohio, the health and safety of everyone who lives, works and visits our community has been a top concern for the Youngstown/Warren Regional Chamber, Youngstown Live/Mahoning County Convention & Visitors Bureau and the Trumbull County Tourism Bureau.

As we continue to EMERGE from the COVID-19 crisis, we remain vigilant in supporting our local businesses, as well as the hundreds of thousands of residents and visitors who patronize them and want to know that they are in compliance with public health recommendations to keep customers and guests safe.

We're pleased to offer businesses the Pledge to EMERGE Safely to assure customers and guests that each of our businesses are putting health and safety first, now more than ever. 

Signing the pledge signals an agreement made by businesses to follow federal, state and local health and safety guidelines for proper reopening during the COVID-19 pandemic. Once signed, businesses will receive a toolkit to alert patrons of their commitment to the Pledge to EMERGE, Safely.

Businesses: Pledge to EMERGE Safely in Youngstown-Warren, Ohio!

By pledging to EMERGE safely, my business commits to:

  1.  Requiring protective gear,  such as face coverings, for employees and outlining expectations and recommendations for clients/customers.

  2.  Conducting daily health assessments,  by employers and employees (self-evaluation) to determine if "fit for duty."

  3.  Maintaining good hygiene  at all times through hand washing, sanitizing and social distancing.

  4.  Cleaning and sanitizing workplaces  throughout the workday and at the close of business or between shifts.

  5.  Limiting capacity  to adhere to  social distancing  guidelines.